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model i'm working now (Experiment XXX?) by Elaizuul model i'm working now (Experiment XXX?) :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 1 0 ugh.... these people by Elaizuul ugh.... these people :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 3 6 That Face When: by Elaizuul That Face When: :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 7 2 Experiment 630 (Oc Experiment) ( update ) by Elaizuul Experiment 630 (Oc Experiment) ( update ) :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 2 0 Inspired by Ridley Scott.....? by Elaizuul Inspired by Ridley Scott.....? :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 3 4 Where the.....? by Elaizuul Where the.....? :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 1 1 I made a base (MMD) by Elaizuul I made a base (MMD) :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 5 4 Today feels lovely. by Elaizuul
Mature content
Today feels lovely. :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 4 0
Give me a hug! by Elaizuul Give me a hug! :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 2 6 When experiments go....meh by Elaizuul When experiments go....meh :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 2 2 Daughter of Ragnair by Elaizuul Daughter of Ragnair :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 5 0 Smashing! (Youuugioh card) by Elaizuul Smashing! (Youuugioh card) :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 3 0 The Crikobise Creature lore by Elaizuul The Crikobise Creature lore :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 3 0 It Hungers by Elaizuul It Hungers :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 7 0
Mind of denial
I'm in my room watching a little television. Nothing really interesting was on,but I needed to
stay awake so I can Let in my little sister in when she comes home from school. I looked at my
Alarm clock and it was 2:30 pm. Almost time for my sister to come home. As I started going
down stairs to wait for her, There was a knock on the door. At first I thought it was strange
that my sister was here 3o minuets early,but then I remembered my mom saying something
about someone "coming home early" yesterday during supper time, figuring that meant my
sister, I shrugged and went to the door. First i looked through the peep hole to make sure it was her and sure enough it was.
When i opened up the door, she walked in, put her backpack down and smiled at me. "big
brother" she yelled as she gave me a big hug. I smiled and hugged her back. it was a nice
feeling being the admired big brother. Especially today. This little girl was surprisingly full of
energy. Once she settled down i fixed her some ch
:iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 2 3
Eat dinner first by Elaizuul Eat dinner first :iconelaizuul:Elaizuul 3 0


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random X3



Experiment 630 (Oc Experiment) ( update )
Experiment 630 Activated!

Nickname: Mute

primary function: Voice silencer

Makes victims mute (victims cant talk) 

Danger level:  7/10

pod color:Violet-orb 

Alignment: Bad (has yet too be turned good)

Additional notes: 
Reuben has a crush on her and tries to do anything he can to win her affection, with little to no success. 

appearance: A pink and white, Cat-like experiment with twintails, spiky ear tips and buck teeth. She also has white stripes on her back.


i tried to make this as close to the show as possible.

Lilo and stitch was one of my favorite shows growing up. 

630 belongs to me
Inspired by Ridley Scott.....?
What makes you say that? Meowth Look 

yeah i know it doesn't have a tail, im working on it.  rigging it is going to be a bitch!Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry 

Hybrid made by me 

I love The new Tekken

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 2, 2017, 7:05 PM

I just got done test running tekken 7 on my cpu. it dosent run at 60fps (most because of my cpu specs) but its playable to me and while online.

Oh my god!!!

i felt like such a nerd playing this. I can tell this game is gonna inspire me.  Its starting to  bring out my inner gamer side that was once lost.


now keep in mind, i never played tekken.....Ever! 

but i did pretty well for a noob, but that's probably because the game just came out today, so everyone is still learning the mechanics. 

but from what i played so far, I LOVE IT!!!!



Elaziual harris
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

<a…" />

My name is Elaziual harris. I love making comics, playing video games, watching movies and anime, drawing, and cooking. I am a very creative and comedic person. My favorite type of shows and movies are ones that deal with the supernatural, mythical, dark/horror, comedic or fantasy. I love to cook. Sometimes out of pure boredom i can create an actual decent meal or something that i never would have thought to create. But what ever i make it ends up being pretty darn tasty. I like to create movies and short films, though most of them are crap. I also create comic videos with gmod and for the most part they're entertaining to me. My dream is to become either a chef or a voice actor. My favorite mythical beings are vampires and aliens. Most favorite male nintendo character: kirby
Least favorite male nintendo character: Dk
Most favorite female nintendo character: zelda
Least favorite female nintendo character : peach
Favorite pokemon: raichu
Favorite tf2 mercenary: scout.
Favorite food: pizza with fries on top and extra cheese.
Relationship: single
Im not a brony but i occasionally watch the show and use the gmod models. If i have to pic a favorite it would have to be sonata from the movie. Shes goofy, random and dosent seem like she belongs with her so called friends. Shes like ed from ed,edd,and eddy.

I wish to start a youtube channel wear i can put my comic movies and share them with people.

What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
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What Is Your Bending-Element?
What Is Your Bending-Element?
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Which Naruto Chakra Element Do You Possess?
Which Naruto Chakra Element Do You Possess?
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What Type Of Dere Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
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I'm a fan of: Rena Fan Stamp by JetBlckHrt Rika fan stamp by JetBlckHrt Mariko Stamp by depp Lucy Stamp by depp

(I like the colorful characters, so sue me)

What Type Of Dere Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
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Which Yokai Character Are You? (Original Work)
Which Yokai Character Are You? (Original Work)
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